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Do you carry a list of “supposed to to-dos” in the back of your head, such as losing weight, eating better, exercising more often or quitting smoking for good this time? Do you have a gym membership that rarely gets used or a pile of diet and exercise books collecting dust? Maybe you wake up every morning feeling like today is the day you’ll make better choices about your health, but end up reverting to old patterns and behaviors as the hours pass. Perhaps you are tired of berating yourself, feeling shame or not experiencing comfort within your own skin. Have health issues become real, present concerns? Maybe you have a chronic cough or high blood pressure, have become pre-diabetic or are easily fatigued. Are you tired of wasting time on diet and exercise fads that don’t lead to long-term, sustainable results? Are you ready to take your health goals seriously, make effective behavioral changes, feel better about yourself and live a healthier, longer life, full of the things you truly enjoy?

Even with the best of intentions, old patterns, habitual behaviors and conditioned ways of thinking can present major roadblocks to making important, sustainable changes related to your health. You may fall back into routine behaviors throughout the day and/or not follow through with new goals and then berate yourself for making bad choices. You may also feel guilty for not setting a good example for your children, loved ones, colleagues or general community. And, poor health, excess weight or bad habits may be hindering your ability to engage in the kind of lifestyle and activities that you know do or could bring you joy. Perhaps you’ve read articles about mindful eating or heard about the success others have achieved through mindfulness coaching and practices. If you are ready to finally reach your health goals and enjoy and happier, healthier way of being in all aspects of your life, mindfulness-based health coaching can help you achieve lasting results.

Millions Of Americans Are Seeking Better Health

If you’re ready to make better choices about your health, you are not alone. Americans spend upwards of $60 billion on diet and exercise related services and products every year, from gym memberships to diet soda. Despite spending all this money with the intention of reaching health goals, a large percentage of Americans are not reaching theirs. In fact, 67 percent of all gym memberships go unused, and of the two-thirds of Americans that make getting fit a New Year’s resolution, 73 percent give up before reaching their goal.

Making lasting behavioral changes related to health—especially in the U.S.—can, indeed, be difficult. We live in a culture that promotes being healthy and thin as the ideal. The reality, however, is that we live in a fast food, packaged meals, go-go-go world that makes it hard to find the time to prepare and eat healthy, whole foods or engage in exercise for an hour a day—or, at least so we’re told. While we want these things, there is a disconnect between intention and action.

The good news is that you don’t have to accept the culturally created of myth of not having enough time or buckle to personal self-criticism about willpower. Through mindfulness-based health coaching, you can learn to integrate healthy ways of being into your day-to-day life and enjoy a different way of living. While creating change like quitting smoking or replacing cookies with carrots can feel uncomfortable at first, by staying present through a mindfulness practice and utilizing other, effective techniques, you can develop an increased self-awareness, set and achieve your health goals and live a happier, healthier life.

Mindfulness-Based Health Coaching Can Help You Achieve Sustainable Results

All change happens in the present moment. Developing a mindfulness practice—in tandem with setting goals, implementing supports and utilizing effective techniques—can help you develop awareness about habitual, damaging behaviors and make thoughtful choices in the moment they arise. By grounding into the present moment, you truly can seize opportunities to change and start living a life based in intention, purpose and action.

In mindfulness-based health coaching sessions, you can practice noticing the habitual thoughts and behavior patterns that pull you away from the present moment and your health goals. Together, we will explore how familiar thought patterns influence your attitudes, shape your choices and get in the way of creating change. As you develop an awareness about self-defeating and often unconscious thoughts, you open up the mindful space to choose new thoughts and behaviors that can help you move closer to your goals. Throughout the coaching process, I will encourage you to develop self-compassion and approach the work from a place free from judgment. Previous experiences, including failures, provide a wealth of information about what doesn’t work, which can be useful to draw from as you explore what does.

In addition to helping you develop mindfulness around your health and health-related choices, I will tailor create an action plan to help you reach your specific goals. This can include habit planning, lifestyle changes, writing letters to your future self and setting up your environment in a way that supports positive change and makes reverting to old patterns challenging. We can also include specific actions and plans to best support you in the moments you suspect will be the most challenging, such as actions that can help you get out of bed an hour earlier to get to the gym or spending more time in places that make it hard to smoke. I will provide you with actions suited to all intentions you set and effective tips, techniques and practices to help you reach and maintain your health and goals.

I have been coaching people on mindfulness practices for over 15 years, and have developed a unique approach to health coaching. I work effectively, efficiently and collaboratively with you to develop an action plan that best supports your lifestyle, history, personality, needs and health goals. I know from years of experience that this approach can be extremely effective and that healthy habits can become your new default. With health coaching, you can experience more energy, live longer, feel happier, become more productive and love yourself inside and out.

You still may have questions or concerns about mindfulness-based health coaching…  

It feels like I’ve tried everything to quit smoking or lose weight, and nothing has helped. How will working with you be different?

I have over a decade of experience using mindfulness coaching to help clients create sustainable behavior change. In addition, I have worked as an expert providing clinical oversight for the largest phone-based tobacco cessation company in the world. I also advised multiple tech startups on habit change and have provided weight loss and diabetes advice—all using a mindfulness approach. This approach is impactful, it’s different and it’s effective. Rather than education or willpower, it’s about putting intentions into meaningful action in the present moment.

Does developing a mindfulness practice mean that I’ll have to meditate every day?

You do not have to meditate in the sense that you’ll be sitting on a cushion in silence every day or at all really, although many people who develop a mindfulness practice do end up developing a dedicated meditation practice. In order to start becoming mindful, you’ll need to just take 5-10 minutes to intentionally practice being totally present. Once your awareness increases, you can bring mindfulness into all aspects of your life. Even doing mundane things, such as washing the dishes or driving to work, are opportunities to find grounding and make the most of the present moment, which can not only help you reach your goals, but also help you create a more joyous and meaningful life.

How long does this kind of coaching usually take?

The length of the coaching is flexible and totally up to you. We can meet for a session or two to come up with an action plan or meet on a regular basis as you work toward your goals.

You Can Live A Healthy, Happy Life  

I invite you to contact me to set up a first appointment to discuss your specific needs. Feel free to email me to ask any questions you have about my approach to health coaching and mindfulness.

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