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Joyfully Spring Clean And Clear Your Mind Marie Kondo Style – Part One

Marie Kondo, “tidying expert,” best selling author, founder of KonMari Media Inc. and, most recently, star of Netflix’s hit show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” has made millions of dollars, changed thousands upon thousands of lives and considerably transformed how people think about cleaning up, clearing out and reorganizing their homes. And, she’s done all [...]

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Keeping The Thanks In Thanksgiving

Going Beyond the Gratitude List to Weave in Thanks Throughout Your Day I have a complicated relationship with Thanksgiving. When I was young girl growing up in New England, we learned how the Pilgrims welcomed their friends the Indians to the table for a meal of friendship. When I got older, I learned the story [...]

Three Mindfulness Tips To Foster Life Balance In An Unbalanced World

“Every moment only once.” -Thich Nhat Hanh “Every moment only once.” I love these words by Thich Nhat Hanh, a monk, a spiritual leader, poet and peace activist who is renown for his teachings and writings on mindfulness and peace. Some of Thich Nhat Hahn’s key teachings are that the practice of mindfulness helps tether [...]

A Process in Self-Reflection: Using Mindful Creativity to Come Alive and Thrive

“Ask not what the world needs of you. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs now is more people to come alive.” - Robert Thurman The concept of ‘aliveness’ is at the core of the therapeutic work I do as a psychologist. In feeling alive—really tapping into [...]

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Mindfulness Art: How To Mindfully Journal Without Words

Touch Drawing as a tool for creative self-reflection and connection. In graduate school, although my focus was Clinical Psychology, I had the good fortune of being able to take electives from other departments. Out of all of the electives I took, the one that had the most lasting effect—and still informs my mindful creativity practice—was [...]

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Resist The Rabbit Hole Of Your Smart Phone

I recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post called “Start Looking Up Instead Of Down: Three simple tips to help you unplug and mindfully engage.” The post details how obsessed people have become with their smart phones and other mobile devices and the impact that the overuse and abuse of technology is having on [...]


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