Are You Seeking Meaningful and Lasting Change?

bigstock-be-the-change--inspiration-co-41551603Are there areas of your life that you desperately want to change? Are your bookshelves filled with self-help books bought with the best of intentions, which are now collecting dust? Do you struggle putting your ideas into action? Maybe you want to lose weight, meditate more, reduce your stress or quit smoking? Or perhaps you are wrestling with deep issues, such as trying to get a better sense of your place in the world and/or make meaning out of your days. Are you ready to start making progress toward your goals, but lack the tools needed to translate inspiration into action? Do you want to find new ways to integrate vision, creativity and direction into your life?

Making real changes takes a lot of work. While you may have the best of intentions and bursts of energy and dedication to put toward your goals, maintaining inspiration and making sustainable change can be challenging. However, even if you are frustrated and feel that making real, significant change is impossible for you, there is hope. Through mindfulness coaching, I can teach you how to develop insight into your habits and routines and to cultivate awareness and action in line with your core values. All change happens in the present moment, and a mindfulness practice is a tool to help you get there.

I invite you to contact me to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your specific situation and goals, or to ask answer any questions you have about mindfulness coaching and my practice.