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Let Go And Engage Your Creative Brain: The How-To of Mindful Coloring

  In 2015 a whole new genre was created: Mindful coloring books for adults. Essentially, these coloring books depict patterns and abstract designs, such as in mandala coloring books, rather than realistic images to color in. And, the pictures in these coloring books generally don't have any “correct” way to color them. The rise in [...]

Change Your Brain With Mindfulness

Change Your Brain With Mindfulness Mindfulness has become a household word in the past couple of years. And yet, it's not new. Quite the opposite, really. The practice itself has been around since at least 600 BC. Why, then, is it getting so much attention now? Mindfulness meditation appears to have a direct impact on the [...]

What Is Mindfulness?

Note: This is the first post in my 3-part "Introduction to Mindfulness" series.  These days, much of our stress has to do with our thoughts about situations. Ideally, when we are faced with a problem, we will do all we can in the moment to solve it and let it go. What happens more often, though, is [...]

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